Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama Mama

Michelle Obama looked hot last night. She's pretty high on the MILF list. That's all I have to say about that.

Now that it appears to be maybe kind of over and Barak Obama is the "resumptive nominee of the Democratic Party," it's time to take stock. A lot was made about how "historic" this is, that a black man is the nominee of the Democratic Party. Many people are hoping that this will finally prove that race has changed in America.

Well maybe, but not from where I stand.

This is not a triumph for African Ameircans. Nor is it a triumph for the children of Kenyan imigrants, people born in Hawaii, people raised in Kansas, or people living in Chicago.

No. This is a triumph for me.

Or rather, this is a trimph for my generation. He will be the first major party nominee from *my* time. And I am proud. My time--our time--has come. Technically me and Obama (he was born in 61, I was born in 64) are baby boomers. But we aren't. We don't fit into the traditional baby boom demo. If he's like me, he remembers and was influenced by the peace movement and Watergate, but as kids we didn't have a stake in them. He has preached this whole campaign how he is from a different generation than Hilary Clinton, a post bab-boom generation who were not invovled in the struggles of the sixties and seventies and so can make a break from the scrched earth politics of that era. Patty Hearst and Huey Newton and Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia and Abbie Hoffman are the contemporaries of Hilary Clinton. Not me and not Barack. We are different. I've always identified partially with the boomers but more so with Gen X. I suspect the same is true for Barack. And our struggles are diffeent. They center around Ronald Regan--either as the patron saint of the New Republican Party or else as the enemy against whom we struggled. Our soundtrack includes Springsteen and U2 and Waren Zevon and maybe, just maybe, Led Zeplin. You see, people have a name for our generation, that group born on the tail end of the baby boom but who didn't really experience Elvis or Ike or Viet Nam (doesn't it always come back to Viet Nam?).

Yes, Barack Obama's triumph is the triumph of the Dazed and Confused generation.

Never seen *Dazed and Confused?* Watch it. It's my generations *American Grafiti*. and it's fantastic.

So fire up the bong and lets get this party started.


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