Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lke a broken record...

John McCain gives me hope. Every time he opens his mouth he makes the world a little brighter for the Democrats. In spite ofthe fact that they Hilary and Obama are tearing the party apart, in spite of the fact that they are digging up amunition on each other that McCain and the Republican Slime Machine (TM) will fling right back at them, every time he speaks he gives me hope. It's not that he's making the types of gaffs our current president makes. Nobody (obviously) cares about that. It's that he's old. And it's not that he's physically old. It's that he has old ideas. He repeats the same empty rhetoric and tired ideas that do not and will never work as though they are fresh and new and brilliant. He has, truly, nothing to add to the debate.

This week it was health care. He made a bold pronouncement on health care, that competition is the way to fix the system, and that having more choices for insurance will drive prices down. It's been proven time and again that this idea doesn't work. Every time he repeats one of these tired old ideas all anybody has to say is "it is just that type of thinking that got us into this mess." Apparently, Barak Obama is saying just that.


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