Friday, April 25, 2008

Job Loss

According to Forbes, of the ten worst cities in America for jobs, five of them are in Michigan: Detroit, Flint, Warren, Lansing, and Ann Arbor. And they don't get a vote in this year's democratic primary. Three others are in Ohio: Youngstown, Canton, and Dayton. Except for Youngstown, they are all auto industry towns, and Youngstown is a steel town that sold most of its steel to the auto industry. The other two are New Orleans and, for some strange reason Hickory, North Carolina. All of them saw negative job growth over the past five years.

It's no wonder Hilary is gaining votes by attacking the signature piece of legislation of her husband's presidency. Last night Pat Buchanan said she won Pennsylvania by transforming herself into the love-child of Joe Hill and Norma Rae. As has been pointed out by a lot of pundits, if you just listened to the adds in PA you'd think she had never graduated high-school, got her GED and attended a community college in Scranton. Wellesley and Yale are never mentioned. And this is how she can win. Like George Bush, who transformed himself from a well-educated, Yale/Harvard New England blue-blood into a salt of the earth aw-shucks Texas redneck, Hilary knows that to be President people need to like you and they need to see a bit of themselves in you. You have to seem common to gain the most extraordinary post in the world.

Oh, for the record: counting law school, seven presidents have graduate from Harvard, five from Yale, but good old boy George is the only president to have graduated from both.


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