Friday, May 09, 2008

You go girls!

It should be obvious by now that I've started ignoring the primaries. I think it's a waste of everybody's trime to play into the hype we are hearing from the media and the Clinton and Obama camps. I said months ago I'd be happy with either one, and while one has pulled up in my estimation over time, it's still true. Nothing has changed for me.

So on to sports, where I take refuge whenever I can. The NCAA today released a report accusing Alabama State of 668 rules violations in its athletics program. That most of them involved football is not unexpected. But one statement noted that atheltes were allowed to participate and receive financial aid in three sports, including women's basketball. You go girls! Finally! We have reached parity in college sports, when women's programs can be just as guilty as mens of rules violations! This is a great stride for sisterhood.

It's good to see that Title IX has worked so well.


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