Sunday, May 18, 2008

PETA Dreams

I suppose this is why I really hate PETA. Well, ok, not the only reason, but it's a good one: PETA has got to be dissapointed that no horses died at the Preakness. Think about it. The best thing that could have happened in Baltimore on Saturday would be for another horse to be put to sleep on national television. It would have been a disaster for thoroughbred racing and would have given a huge boost to PETA's fund racing. They might even (though it's unlikely) have gotten racing banned in some places, which is their ultimate goal in regards to racing. So no dead horses was bad for PETA. They *want* these horses to die.

The actual result was a disaster for PETA. Big Brown was amazing. His seven (8?) length victory in the Preakness was fantastic. It was beautiful. It was exciting. Big Brown has the best chance to win the tripple crown of any horse since Affirmed did it thirty years ago. His explosion on the front stretch was positively Secretarriat like. Big Brown looks very like Big Red. And it is reinvigorating racing. Already the TV watching public has forggoten the pathetic sight of Eight Belles going down two weeks ago. And if Big Brown actually does it and wins the Tripple Crown he will become the darling of America and Racing's popularity will surge. Dying horses will become little more than footnotes.

So PETA dreams tonight include Big Red colapsing in the final turn, breaking his legs, and being put down as children wail and fans look on in shock and dispbelief. They are begging for Big Brown to die.

And that's why I hate PETA.


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