Monday, February 04, 2008

There are parades and then there are PARADES

Yes, the Red Socks got a parade through Boston. Good for them.

Tomorrow the Giants will have a ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes. Now that's a PARADE. They get the same parade that Eisenhower got when he returned from WWII, that Lindbergh got when he crossed the Atlantic, that John Glen got after the Mercury 6 mission, and that the crew of Apollo 11 got after walking on the moon.

Sometimes it doesn't seem fair that I get to live in New York City and so many other people don't.

What a fantastic game! I got my dream match up and my dream win! Manning was great and that defensive line was incredible! Boy, the party I went to was rocking. I'll miss the parade, but I'll be celebrating for weeks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, in 1995 I got to watch the 49ers parade down Market Street after their win over the Chargers. not exactly the same as the "Canyon of Heroes". I've only seen that in newsreels. what do they throw now....there's no ticker tape and all the windows are sealed shut.

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