Friday, February 01, 2008

Ron Paul's Big Day

Today is the Maine Republican primary. For a few days now, Ron Paul has been saying that Maine is his best shot at a primary victory is in Maine, and he's right. I'm voting for the democrat, whoever it is, but I wish him well.

I hope he does win Maine today. He deserves it. As St. Rudy himself pointed out, Ron Paul won all the debates. And he's actually read the constitution. Don't forget: Maine was the first state my guy Jerry Brown won in the 1992 democratic primaries (he eventually also took Vermont, Colorado, Nevada and Connecticut). The day after his stunning victory in Maine Jerry called Percy Pinkney, his former chief of staff who had gotten me and JP into the VIP seats at a Brown rally in Sacramento, and told him that if he wanted that ambassadorship he'd better jump on board.

So Maine has a habit of being maverick and cutting through all the media hype, and seeing who actually is right and would who make the best president (I still say we'd be a better nation if Jerry had had been elected president that year and not Clinton). So Maine is definitely Paul's best shot because of all the republican candidates he's the only one that has consistently spoken the truth. Good luck today.


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