Friday, January 18, 2008

No news like no news

So here's what passes for news at Fox Network News: the founder of an anti-gun group turned out to be a gang memeber who's only out to bilk the government out of 1.5 million dollars. My mom sent me the link. Seems this gang banger had founded a group to get guns off the street but was recently arrested on gun charges. He'd been converting assault weapons into fully automatic machine guns. Mom thinks it shows how corrupt government programs are. I think it shows how Fox Network News will trumpet anything that makes progressive government look bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so it's not that government programs are corrupt....non-sentient, how can they be? It's that they are inefficient and institutional, with huge amounts of money, and are managed by folks who seem to be incapable of preventing unscrupulous and corrupt yokels from using the program to their own's the structure, not the service.

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