Monday, January 14, 2008

Shake Up in the GOP

John McCain has surged up 26 points in a new CNN poll to take the lead in national polling for the Republican nomination. This is bad news for the democrats. A month ago it looked like McCain was toast and that his time had passed him by. Now he's looking pretty good. Of all the republican candidates he and Rudy are the only ones who could pull independents away from Hilary, and I always said Rudy would implode in the end. I think the coolest thing about all this is that after a ridiculously long build up in which the buzz words were change, and a roller coaster ride from the media in which frontrunners were changing at an alarming rate, we've passed New Hampshire and Iowa and it now looks as though the nominees will be the two people the pundits were predicting in the first place, Clinton and McCain.

Michigan is tomorrow and that could bring some buzz into the campaign. I haven't been following Michigan, so I don't know what the polling is saying there. But McCain should really worry about South Carolina on the 19th (The Dem primary in SC is the 26th). It gave him a beat down four years ago and is likely to do the same.


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