Saturday, February 02, 2008

Nobody Expects the Microsoft Acquisition!

Well, this is it. Microsoft has offered an unsolicited bid of 444.6 billion with a b dollars for Yahoo. In doing so they are pick the last plum on the tree, so to speak. Google has become a rival, some russian company bought livejournal. Time Warner snatched up AOL years ago and wishes they hadn't. Murdoch has got myspace. Facebook is out there, and Microsoft bought about 1.6% of it awhile back, but Facebook wants to remain independent and, let's face it, Facebook is not Yahoo. Buying Yahoo puts Microsoft in direct competition with Google, which is after all the point. It may be the last of the mega acquisitions to some along in tech for awhile. Until facebook goes on the market that is.

But admire the sheer balls of it. Let's drop $44 billion for a company that has lost market share to our biggest competitor for the last five years. What's $44 billion anyway? They are Microsoft. They can swoop in and buy whatever they want--and right now they want Yahoo. Like I said: nobody expects the Microsoft acquisition.


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