Friday, December 28, 2007

Pakistan in Iowa

Following up: the Washington Post today has a good cover article on how Clinton and Obama are trying to spin the Bhutto assassination to their own advantage. So far, Obama seems to be the more ghoulish of the two, but this is partly because it fits his message and partly because Clinton can take a softer tone. Clinton can claim a kinship to Bhutto as a woman and a mother, and Clinton knew Bhutto personally and so can address the tragedy personally. Obama has to hit Clinton as being part of the problem and in doing so he has to politicize the assassination, claiming that Clinton's vote for the war distracted us from dealing with al Queda in Afganistan and Pakistan. It's pretty awful.

They gave Edwards one paragraph and made him sound pedestrian. They didn't mention Richardson at all.

In the piece the quoted Hilary as saying, inaccurately, that America is "the longest lasting democracy in the world."

Read the piece.


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