Wednesday, December 19, 2007

News is news

So here's some news you might have missed when it broke a week ago. I know I did. It's not big news--it's just a poll. But it's pretty amazing news, if you've been listening to the NEWS. It seems that nationwide, Hilary Clinton's numbers are up from November to December. That's right, up. As in higher. 45% of democrats support Hilary for president, as opposed to 27% who support Barak Obama. How did this happen? The polls don't mean Hilary is a lock, but if you've been listening to the news, or excuse me, NEWS she's in a free-fall and about to get steam rolled by the Obama tidal wave. Everything you here lately on the democratic side is Obama Obama Obama. He's on the rise. Oprah supports him. He's sky rocketing into the nomination. I understand primary math--that they're neck and neck in Iowa and he's got a shot in New Hampshire, and that could change the poll numbers. But I guess "Hilary is up" just isn't a big enough story.

Here's another one: the most electable democrat right now is Edwards. He trounces everybody. Haven't heard that one much either. People love to point out that Hilary is in a dead heat tie with Guiliani in national polls, but nobody seems to notice that Edwards is more electable no matter who the Republicnas run.

Oh, and nationally, my guy Richardson is polling 2%.


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