Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh my God!!!

I can't believe this! Tucker Carlson is going after Hilary Clinton with such venom that he's like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first Terminator movie: always coming and attacking relentlessly, unstoppable and untiring. Either that, or he's a Jack Russel terrier nipping at her ankles. I find it hard to see Arnold in those bow ties. To be fair though, Tucker hasn't worn those since his post-John Stewart makeover. I'm not sure if I can see Arnold on "Dancing with the Stars" or not......

It is just too weird. In one evening Tucker has done reports on (a) Hilary's dour unlikability, (b) Hilary's un-electability, citing reports that Obama is beating every possible Republican challenger (interestingly, he didn't say whether or not Hilary was beating them in the poles, just that Obama's numbers are better), (c) a piece about Bob Kerry dropping a suggestion that Barak Obama was the "Muslim Manchurian Candidate," which Carlson labeled "sleazy, sleazy, sleazy!" and (d) a what to do about Bill piece that suggested Hilary would put Bill on the Supreme Court.


This strike has got to end!!! How am I supposed to make it through this election without John Stewart to sort things out for me?????


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