Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pakistan Meltdown

So, Buhto is dead. Everybody saw it coming. It would have been surprising if she wasn't killed. It may indeed plunge Pakistan into civil war, and risk nuclear conflagration with India (all that bull about democracies never attacking each other is just that). It's pretty scary. If you look at it over there, it goes Iraq (with our troops) Iran, Afganistan (with our troops) Pakistan, our ally, and India. Three of those groups are nuclear powers. Add Russia to the north of Afganistan and Iran, China to the north of Palistan, and Isreal sitting over there in the middle of it all, and that's seven nuclear powers, with two shooting wars and a serious revolution brewing. Hell, Germany, Brittain, and France all have some sort of presence in either Afganistan or Iraq. That makes ten. Ten nuclear powers. And Iran wants to make it 11. If I'm not mistaken, the only nuclear power that isn't involved in one way or another is North Korea.

Now that's scary.

Of course all the candidates have to talk about the Buhto assassination, but none of them (so far) is talking about this. When this powder-keg finally blows how are we going to keep from getting blown up with it?

I know: Bin Laden is counting that we won't.

This is why we need somebody like either Richardson or McCain in the oval office. Rudy, Fred and most of the rest of the pachyderms would go in with guns blazing. Ron Paul would just ignore it. Huckabee would pray. Hilary would send Bill. That would help. Who kowns what Obama would do? Edwards would be too busy trying to feed the poor. Dodd would be trying to spin it so the unions could get some jobs out of it. Mitt would just want to open a taco stand. Dennis the Menace would be watching the night sky for visitors. Biden. Biden could do something. Maybe.

McCain would do something. He's the only republican who would have a plan.

But Richardson, whose dealt with all the issues on the table. He would know what to do. He would keep us safe--or at least have a better chance than any of the rest of them.

And nobody can actually see that.


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