Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bowl Mania

Ok, since I'm such a big supporter of the bowl system, I figure I better actually pay attention to them. No, that doesn't mean I'm going to watch them all, but it does mean I can pick them all. Now, I didn't do anything scientific or anything like that. Like most of you, I don't know a thing about most of these teams. I never saw more than eight of them play all year. And I didn't look up the spread on any of the games. I just guessed. Or I picked the team I knew my mother would be rooting for. Or I picked the team that I think I had heard did something good this year. And then I tried to decide exactly how good Hawaii is and flip flopped about ten times between them and Georgia. If I couldn't make up my mind I went with my backup plan of picking the most southern team. Seems safe.

Here we go:

Poinsettia Bowl, 12/20: Navy over Utah
New Orleans Bowl, 12/21: Florida Atlantic over Memphis Bowl, 12/22: Southern Miss over Cincinnati
New Mexico Bowl, 12/22: Nevada over New Mexico
Pioneer Bowl, 12/22: UCLA over BYU
Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, 12/23: Boise State over East Carolina
Motor City Bowl, 12/26: Purdue over Central Michigan
Holiday Bowl, 12/27: Arizona State over Texas
Champs Bowl, 12/28: Boston College over Michigan State
Texas Bowl, 12/28: TCU over Houston
Emerald Bowl, 12/28: Maryland over Oregon state
Meineke Car Care Bowl 12/28: Wake Forrest over Uconn
Liberty Bowl, 12/29: UCF over Mississippi State
Valero Bowl, 12/29: Texas A&M over Penn State
Independence Bowl, 12/30: Alabama over Colorado
Armed Forces Bowl, 12/31: Cal over Air Force
Humanitarian Bowl, 12/31: Georgia Tech over Fresno State
Sun Bowl, 12/31: South Florida over Oregon
Music City Bowl, 12/31: Florida State over Kentucky
Insight Bowl, 12/31: Oklahoma State over Indiana
Chick-fil-A Bowl, 12/31: Auburn over Clemson
Outback Bowl, 1/1: Wisconsin over Tennessee
Cotton Bowl, 1/1: Missouri over Arkansas
Gator Bowl, 1/1: Texas Tech over Virginia
Capitol One Bowl, 1/1: Michigan over Florida
Rose Bowl, 1/1: USC over Illinois
Sugar Bowl, 1/1: Georgia over Hawaii NO1 WAIT! Hawaii over Georgia....Umm....
Fiesta Bowl, 1/2: Oklahoma over West Virginia
Orange Bowl, 1/3: Kansas over Va Tech
International Bowl, 1/5: Rutgers over Ball state
GMAC Bowl, 1/6: Tulsa over Bowling Green
BCS Championship Game, 1/7: LSU over Ohio State


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