Monday, December 17, 2007

The Oh-oh factor

I think I said earlier: if Obama wins the nomination the turning point moment will be when Oprah endorsed him. I know from my students the power Oprah holds over America, expecially American women. Her endorsement automatically neutralizes any gender advantage Hilary Clinton might have had. My students are almost universally in awe of Brand Oprah. Every semester I have students in my public speaking classes give an informative speech about a person. Oprah is one of the most common subjects (I know more about her at this point than I ever wanted to). Students, particularly female students, look upon her as some kind of god. The power and influence that comes of being America's first black billionaire is pretty is not limited to the politicians and media she has access too: in fact that is minor compared tot he power of suggestion she has over her legions of fans.

But what of the other celebrity endorsements? There are other admired and worshiped celebrities out there. In fact, there is one other celebrity whose universal apeal among conservatives is such that his endorsement can only be seen as a major coup for the person who got it, and a springboard toward the whitehouse. I'm speaking, of course, of Chuck Norris. Check Norris, who can lead a horse to water *and* make him drink, has come out in favor of Mike Huckabee. This could be Huckabee's moment as well.

(Chuck Norris doesn't do pushups: he actually pushes the world down.)


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