Monday, August 25, 2008

Whores one and all

I've got to say, I am not sure which media circus I would rather have gone to, the DNC or the Olympics.

Well, ok, yes I do. I'm an Olympics whore. Sue me.

But the convention would be so much fun. I'd love to be there. I'm a bit too mischievous though. I would probably stir the pot way too much.

But not as much as the media are doing. All this talk about Hilary and her people making demands, about a rift in the party, about how angry women are and how hurt Bill is. Well, yeah, they are those things. They lost and losing is hard. But the way *I* read the polls, I see 70% of hilary voters support Obama and most of the rest are undecided. A very small number have committed to McCain. 70% is a good number. But the whores in the mdeia and the polling whores all want a melodrama, they want conflict, a happy convention doesn't give them the ratings they need. And the so called liberal media, which is supposed to be in the democrats collective pocket, are gift wrapping the election for John McCain by fanning the flames of discontent.

I think they'll kiss and make up by Thursday. The convention is underway. The mud pit is open and the greatest gladiatorial spectacle in the world is about to get underway. Let's pour a shot of Chivas, light up a cigar, raise a glass to Hunter S. Thompson and Huey Long, and enjoy the show.


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