Monday, July 28, 2008

See, I'm not the only one!

Others see it too: George Mason University's Center For Media and Public Policy released a study last week that found that the ABC, NBC, and CBS news were all three biased against ... Barak Obama!

Political Machine's blog on it is here.

The LA Times story is here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

But look at the numbers... In 6 weeks they found less than 80 comments they considered pro or con. So the difference between the two is (at most) less than one comment per week.
Compare that to the fact that Obama gets *2.5x* the news coverage, and you realize that the face time may be the more influential issue.

The info about Fox is also interesting. While the show they tracked was more opinionated, and more critical, the ratio was about the same for Fox as for the other 3.


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Blogger MAC said...

Just curious: who are you?

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