Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some things never change

Apparently, the oldest known joke in the world goes something like this: "Something which has never occurred since time immemorial: a young woman did not fart in her husbands lap." This according to a team of british archeologists as reported by Reuters. That's right: fart jokes are the oldest jokes in the world. So what is else is new?

AOL listed a bunch of the jokes as one of their stupid polls. The three thousand year old fart joke didn't play too well. But my favorite part is that, according to the poll, funniest joke was a joke credited to Caesar Augustus: "Augustus was touring his empire and noticed a man in the crowd who bore a striking resemblance to himself. Intrigued he asked: 'Was your mother at one time in service at the palace?' 'No your Highness,' he replied, 'but my father was.'" That's an old Catskills joke! They still tell it in the B-list lounges in Atlantic City!. Now *that's* funny!!

(Now I have to find a copy of the Two Thousand Year Old Man and see if Mel Brooks uses it.)


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