Friday, August 01, 2008

The Truth

Thanks to my buddy Chris Scott for posting this link t his livejournal. The next time anybody lies to you and says that Senator Obama hasnt' done anything since he entered the sentate send them to The Zoo. There they will see in detail the 45 bills the Senator has sponsored or co sponsored which have become law, as well as all those bills he proposed that did *not* become law. One thing is clear: Obama has worked hard as a Senator and concentrated in specific areas, notably Energy Policy, Health Care, Foreign Policy, and Veteran's affairs.

There is definitely substance there, no matter what lies the McCain camp may try to spread. Not only that, but he has been effective in getting good laws passed. His competence should no longer be in question.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon Grouch, you know better than to listen to plain numbers...

Barak has sponsored 3 bills this session that have passed the senate (not into law, just passed on the senate)They are all resolutions. So they don't become law, they just mean the senate thinks something...
They are:
A resolution to Celebrate the life of Bishop Patterson
A resolution to call July 12th National Summer Learning day
A resolution to condemn Zimbabwe for its violence. Not do anything about it, but just for us to 'condemn' it.

A real political heavyweight there...

As for the hundreds of bills he has sponsored.... almost none of them even made it out of committee. And since tens of thousands of bills get sponsored.... it really isn't that big of a deal.
(He has had *2* other bills be slated for debate....)

According to There have been 233 bills sponsored by a senator become law. Barak has sponsored *1* of those

I am not saying he hasn't done anything; but I am saying that a random blog post that gives numbers with no context should be considered highly suspect.


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