Tuesday, August 26, 2008


You know, for just a minute, as the whole convention was on its feet and their cheers threatened to collapse the roof, that Hillary was actually going to win the nomination, that there would be a movement from the floor to nominate her and the wave of mass Hilary hysteria would take over and sweep her into the nomination.

That is how inspiring she is.

Instead she became Obama's head cheerleader. It was pretty impressive. She hit it out of the park. Of course the pachyderms will pooh-pooh her and the brainless feebs over at Fix News will twist her speech into something a bitter tirade against the black guy, but if it gets that last 30% of her supporters to back Obama (and I'm betting it gets about 22% to pony up) she will have done her job.

I have got to say though, right now, tonight, I want Hillary for president.


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