Saturday, March 15, 2008

Movie Review

One of the big problems I run into now that I have more blogs is where to post movie reviews. I mean, they are media, and I never wanted this to be just a political blog. This one I'm posting here because it has to do with postmodernism.

I went and saw "Doomsday" last night. I have to say I loved it. I went in with the attitude of "well, we could go see *Vantage Point* or *Horton*, but with *Doomsday* at least you know what you're getting." So I figured it would probably be bad but it wouldn't disappoint. In fact it started out every bit as bad as I expected it to, but then is actually picked up about the time it turned into a video game. What made it so good is that it was a very post-modern pastiche of other post apocalypse movies. Now it's true, I don't always appreciate this approach. For instance, I didn't particularly like that about *Independence Day.* But *Independence Day* grew on me, and now I like it a lot. *Doomsday* I liked right from the get go. So how many movies, post apocalypse or otherwise, did they gleefully steal from? Well, the list is in no way exhaustive, but *Doomsday* is part Escape from New York, part Last Man on Earth (I Am Legend), part Road Warrior, part Army of Darkness, part Blood Rayne, and (I swear they used some of the same locations) part Train Spotting. And, I'm sorry, I can't see a steam engine going through the Scottish Highlands without thinking of Harry Potter. There was even some Matrix thrown in there too.

And for all that it also had a pretty decent plot and a well drawn protagonist. Villain was a bit too too, but we hardly saw him much anyway. And it's got two of my favorite Brits in it: Bob Hoskins and Malcolm MacDowell. Gotta love that.


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