Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bow wow wow

All right! did you catch that the beagle won the Westeminster Kennal Club Dog show last night? Cool! I always root for the winner of the hound group, and they almost never win. Apparently, a beagle has never won Best in Show in the 100 years they've had the competition. Look for this little guy to become the Payton Manning of the dog world, appearing in every conceivable type of commercial. This is a beagle after all, America's favorite breed. To have the impremiature of the Westminster on his beagle pedigre, ocmbined with his inate beagle cutness and lovability, makes him suddenly the most valuable Dog superstar in America. I see endorsement deals! Co-marketting plans! Car commercials! Dog food commercials! Pepsi commercials! this little guy is every Madison Avenue executives slobering wet dream. Just so long as he doesn't get all britany on us.



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