Monday, March 31, 2008


I must admit that, like a lot of democrats, I am reaching a state of burnout over the election. The gap between Mississippi and Pennsylvania is taking its toll. There aregood arguments for both candidates and they are fighting the good fight, as they should. I do worry about the state of the party after the dust settles, but McCain is still big target. But I am just so tired of it all.

Laterly people have been saying Hillary should withdraw. Maybe. It would certainly be nice to have this thing settled, but as long as there is a chace of her winning, really, why should she? If she wins big in Pennsylvania it's just more reason for her *not* to withdraw. Obama speaks to young voters, the well educated affluent democrats, urbanites, and blacks, but Hillary speaks to and for hispanic voters, women, and most importantly working class white democrats. In other words, Obama's support is on the left side of the party while Hillary ocupies the area toward the middle. This is huge, because in 2006 the Democrats won back congress by taking the middle, and unlike 2000, this election will be won by the party that can capture the middle. Most of Obama's big wins have come in red states, where most whites vote Republican. Hillary ahs proven herself in the states a Democrat needs to win, like Ohio, Florida, Michigan and, soon Pennsylvania. But Obama still matches up better agaisn tMcCain because of Hillary's negatives, her vote on the war, and the simple contrast of hsi relative youth.

I don't know. It's gotten so discouraging. I'm almost hoping Obama pulls off a miricle and wins Pennsylvania. Then maybe, finally, this thing will be over.


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