Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey, okld guys!

A seventy year old American vetran, on vacation in Costa Rica, killed an alleged mugger who pulled a knife on him and is party. He put him in a head lock and broke the guy's neck. The story is all over the wires this morning. The following will now occur:

1.) For the rest of his Carnival cruise he will be treated like a king, and sixty year old women will be slipping him the keys to their staterooms.

2.) Next week he'll appear on the morning talk shows and possibly Letterman and praised for his bravery.

3.) In about two months Law and Order will have an episode in which an elderly tourist kills a would-be mugger by breaking his neck, but this will lead to other more sinister crimes.

4.) in just over a year either USA or FX will present a film called "The Carnival Cruise Muggings," in which the tourist will be portrayed by Dennis Farina.

This is because the media loves heroes as much as it loves villains, and it will gladly create one if one doesn't exist. If one does exist then so much the better. It's all grist for the mill. The best, though is win you create a hero and then you get to turn him into a villain, because this keeps the presses running for weeks. Let's hope this guy doesn't have too many skeletons in his closet.

And all I have to say is good for him. My sig-o's dad was attacked by machette wielding muggers in martinique and had a tendon in his leg severed, and was saved only because he could fight back long enouggh for passers by to notice and stop to help him. I'm sorry the guy is dead, but when you pull a knife on somebody you have crossed a line which says "kill me if you can because I may do the same to you."


Blogger tracyg said...

laughs, I cheered for the old guy when I read that story!

go old man go!

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