Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It just makes me mad

I've got to stop reading the conservative blogs. Afterall, very few of them read mine (hell, nobody reads mine). It pisses me off every time I do. Of course, pissing me off is part of the agenda. But, since I've been kind of interested in the Dixie Chicks story lately I cruised the blogsphere, knowing what I would see and still being upset when I saw it--which is really my own fault. I did, however, learn a new word to describe myself, "leftard."

These nuckle dragging rednecked conservative morons whould all be rounded up and shot. Is that what they want me to say, becuase they play a strange game. They act like we on the left side of the aisle are all elitist assholes who don't take their views seriously, belittle them and insult them, and then they post stuff on the web calling us morons, leftards, liberal assholes, idiots, hypocritical, and traitors if we happen to believe that the Dixie Chicks winning 5 grammys was (a) a vindication, (b) a symbol of how the political climate has changed since 2003, (c) a good thing, or (d) all of the above (answer, d).

How am I supposed to take any of that or them seriously? They claim I'm being elitist and then they prove themselves to be sophomoric imbiciles. What's a guy to do?

They don't have to agree with what the Dixie Chicks said, but they don't have to lie about it either. In a poll released yesterday fruitcake got higher ratings than President Bush (35% to 32% approval), and yet these yahoos still insist that America loves its president and the Dixie Chicks and the hollywood lefties who support thme are out of touch.

We're out of touch? Are you kidding me? Anybody who still supports GW Bush is out of touch. The Dixie Chicks were just ahead of the curve.

And as for country stations exercising their freedom of speech by burning Dixie Chicks records (and why don't we go burn a few books while we are at it?), I won't argue that. The disturbing thing wasn't that so much as it was one particular monopolistic broadcast netowrk--clear channel--apparently went out of its way to destroy the Dixie Chicks' careers as a way to market itself. That, and the death threats. But hell, if they don't threaten to kill you in showbiz you're probably a failure.

Perhaps what is really bothering those rught wing morons is that the tables are somewhat reversed, and after six years in the wilderness we on the left have come back to the table, and they are the ones on the fringe.

Oh, one more thing, I thought it was a stroke of brilliance (and the right wingers probably thought it made their points) to have the Dixie Chicks introduced by Joan Baez.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you have at least ONE fan who reads your blog on a regular basis! Lori in AZ

12:08 PM  
Blogger tracyg said...

I don't even understand why you keep giving the ultra conservative folks even 2 seconds of your time.

And you can make that 2 dedicated readers. Does that mean you'll now post twice as much?

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure do have a lot of blogs.
I'm not certain I'm going to have time to read them all...

12:33 PM  

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