Friday, February 02, 2007

A fan (me) speaks out

After the Golden Globes I wrote in this page that I think Forrest Witiker will win the Oscar for best actor this year, for the same reason why Phillip Seymore Hoffman won last year. The only thing that can de-rail him is a sympathy vote for Peter O'Toole (who has been more overlooked than Martin Scorcese IMHO). Interestingly, if he does win, it will be the third year in a row in which the winner will have played a real person who was larger than life, who died within living memory, and who exists in thousads of hours of archival footage. So is the award best actor or best mimic? Just asking.

But the reason I'm writing about it today is this: I've wanted to see The Last King of Scotland since it came out. I'ts floated around Manhattan since in one small out of the way art theatre or another for awile but I never got to it. I had the chnace to see it on the plane to Cali over Xmas, but didn't want to watch it on that small a screen. I opened up the New York Times today and it had a huge add which said it was "Now playing everywhere" and it is. It's on at least twenty screens around New York City, and that is cool. Three weeks ago it wasn't playing anywhere. Now it's everywhere, and all I can say is "thank God for the Oscars." More people should know who Forrest Whitiker is. I've thought so ever since Good Morning Viet Nam. This is the greatest thing that's happened in film since...well, since Capote.

This is so cool.


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