Saturday, January 20, 2007

And so it begins

The presidential ellection is underway: the character assassination machine has started up. Hilary's people have fired the first shot by attempting to paint Barak Obama as the Manchurian Candidate. They *say* that what they are doing is challenging his forthightness but they know the real result will be to challenge his loyalty. Seems that Mr. Obama from Illinois, who was born in Hawaii and lived in Indonesia as a boy, atended what he described as a "predominently Muslim school" at one point (after attending a Lutheran school), which Hilary's people have identified as a Madrass.

Now we all know what Madrass' are in the imagination of most Americans. They are schools for Islamic terrorists. What Hilary's people are saying out loud is that Mr. Obama should have said in his biography "I attended a Madrass," and that by not saying so he is being deceptive. But what they want people to hear is that he's hiding his background because he's secretly in league with the terrorists. They know what will happen when the right wing whackos on Fox News get hold of this.

Me, I think his background as a Christian man with African and Muslim roots, having had education in secular, Christian and Islamic schools is ideal for a statesman of the 21st Century. But I live in 11218, so I'm barely American myself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say keep talking about this long and loud. As a conservative, I object to the "Fox News" crack. Any American should be sickened by Hillary's tactics. Your analysis is right on.

5:45 PM  

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