Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New York vs New York vs New York

The New York media has gone crazy over the next presidential ellection. Ever since former mayor Giulliani opened his exploratory committee, it's been nuts. The mid-term election is only a week past, and presidential fever has gripped the city.

You can hardly blame them. New Yorkers are totally secure in their belief that everything revolves around them. The spot about fifteen feet in front ofthe Times Square Police Station is the geographical center of the Universe. It's been proven by some genius or other. It's also been proven that you can't get a good italian meal West of the Hudson. At least as far as New Yorkers are concerned.

So the possibility of four New York political celebrities running for president at the same time has the media in a tizzy and New Yorkers even more full of themselves than usual. Giulliani has formed a committee, everybody knows that Hilary is running no matter what she says, and Mayor Bloomburg and Governor Pataki are both likely to throw their hats in as well. There's also talk of new Gov Eliot Spitzer joining the race, and nobody is ever sure what the reverand Shaprton is going to do. So New Yorkers should be forgiven for thinking their place in the sun just got a bit brighter.

A poll was conducted yesterday by one of the local news stations that found that, while Mayor Giulliani is more popular outside the city, more than 60% of New Yorkers favor Senator Clinton for president, with Mayor Bloomburg third and Governor Pataki bringing up the rear. But there is way more to this story than that.

If he runs Mayor Giullani will pass Senator McCain as the favorite for the Republican nomination. In spite of his support for gay rights and his pro-choice stance, the good will he built up as "America's Mayor" after 9-11 will lift him to instant front runner status. It is very likely that he would get the nomination. Hilary is pretty much a lock for the democratic nomination (unless Obama enters the race, anyway, and even then she'll still probably get the nod). That would mean both the major party candidates would be from New York. But here is the real kicker. Mayor Bloomburg is seriously considering a run not as a Republican but as an independent, and like H. Ross Perot before him he's got the money to make a real go of it.

Think of it. In two years we could have a three way race for president with all the horses coming out of the same stable. It would be New York vs New York vs New York.

And then New Yorkers will truly become insufferable.

It will be heaven!


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