Monday, October 16, 2006

I've got cramps

Well, CBGBs officially closed last night. If there was a cultural institution in the Village, this was it. CBGBs was as important to the history of culture in New York as Carnegie Hall. Their landlord should have his toenails pulled out. (in honor of this, I'm currently listening to a podcast of The Cramps plaing a set at CBGBs from June 10th, 1977).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having known and dealt personally with Hillie Crystal over the past 20 some odd years I can tell you that there is a special place in Hell reserved for him. CBGBs was nothing more than an overly-hyped toilet (and I should know as I have peed in more places in there than just the men's room even when it did have door) and he made a fortune on the backs of starving musicians and treated them like crap in the process.
CBGB's was done 15 years ago, it was really done 10 years ago. I for one am glad to see that trendoid excuse for a landmark gone. I would rather have seen it burned to the ground, but that would have put more money in Hillie's pocket.
However, that being said, I had many a wild night there. But that could be said about any of the other clubs that no longer exist, The Pyramid, Alcatraz, Downtown Beirut, Max Fish (before they kicked out the junkies) ... well you get the picture....

Good Riddence ... Of course any tourist can buy a CBGB's T-shirt and "own" the legacy.

The real question is how many people out there actually know what CBGB omfug actually means ... not amy I would imagine.

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