Thursday, October 05, 2006


I love O'Neil Outdoors, a hunting show on OLN, mostly because the host is one of those charming, funny rednecks who can really spin a yarn. Much of the time he hunts with one of those modern muzzle loaders.

Why? Not why do they use them: hunters will always use the most technology the law will allow. Why do we allow it. Why do we allow people to use high-tech muzzle loaders with saboted rounds and scopes and camo finish and speed loaders and powder pellets?

If your going to hunt with a muzzle loader, you should be using a Kentucky Long Rifle or a Hawkins. You should be dressed in buckskins and carrying a bowie knife and wearing a coon skin cap. You want to be Daniel Boone, BE Daniel Boone! Otherwise you might just as well use a bolt-action .30-06.

You want a real challenge? Tred Barta once killed a grizley bear from about ten yards using a longbow and home-made arrows. Yes, he had backup with rifles, but how fast do you think a grizley can cover ten yards?

But my point is that nostalgia sells. So sell it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly, where is the sport in that?

I think the coonskin cap might be a bit much.


8:56 AM  

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