Monday, October 09, 2006

Pachyderm Psychosis

Poor republicans!

They know the truth.

So do those disgusting, hypocritical talking heads who are trying to blame the donkeys for manufacturing the Foley scandal.

It doesn't matter if the information was held back. Too many republicans are coming forward saying the republican leadership knew about Folley years ago. It is always the same story in Washington. It's not the crime that gets you in trouble, it's the coverup.

And it doesn't matter how this plays with the swing voters (not very well, aparently), what really matters is how it plays with the conservative Christians.

Because if *they* feel betrayed they aren't going to vote for the democrats.

They aren't going to vote at all.

And that should be enough to win the House. Now that Jersey appears to be falling in line, maybe even the Senate.

Most people thought this election would be a refferendum on the war. Or that it would be a referendum on President Bush post-Katrina. Or that it would be a push for a divided government that respected the checks and ballances of the constitution. But I never really fell for that. All along I believed that it would be a referendum on the republican Congress itself--a referendum on their arrogance, the way they've been drunk with their own power for the past two years.

Teri Schiavo was supposed to be a rallying cry to their conservative base, but in the end it will prove to be the moment they went to far, when people began to see that they were out of controll. They let the Christians down with that one and ever since Conservative Christians have been getting more and more dissalusioned. They saw that as a cynical attempt to throw the Christians a bone. And now this.

How can the conservative Christians vote for the party that protects pedophiles?

How can the rest of us vote for a party that covers up pedophilia to protect its own grasp on power?

Americans are not that cynical. On the whole, deep down, the voters are smart people and they are good people and most of the time they really do know what's best for them.

And they know how to recognize a brothel when they see one (and by that I mean a House full of whores).


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