Monday, November 13, 2006

The New Democrats

You know, there might be something to this whole "new Democrat" thing. This Tester guy from Montana is a great example. This morning the Times called him "Your Grandfather's Democrat," and he clearly is: a real praire populist. He's pro gun, pro God, anti Gay marraige but doesn't think the Constitution should be ammended to prevent it. Months ago I wrote that the Democratic Party had to sluff off it's decades old cloak of being "the party of all the downtrodden" and get back to real FDR type populism, wherein we stand for sticking up for the middle class. If Tester is representatice of the New Democrats then that is exactly what we have done. He is more conservative than the party leaders, more than me too, but he is not a Clintonian Republocrat: Clinton was an architect of the new mercantile globalism. These guys we've just voted in are here to protect American workers, not American investors. Tester is a great example. He is a small farmer working the same farm that's been in his family since 1916. His biggest issue is how foreign agriculture and de-regulation has hurt small farmers like him.

I've got two words for you: Smoot Hawley.

Meet the new boss.


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