Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Folley Vision, part II

So now Mark Folley has come out saying he was the victim of abuse. If it's true it is an obvious ploy for sympathy. But does being the victim of abuse give someone a blank check to abuse others? THe fun thing will be watching the hypocritical gyrations some of the conservatives go through over this. THey are always accusing the liberals of using upbringing or childhood abuse to excuse felonious behavior. Thes law and order types hold to the line of personal responsibility. How many of them now (and, let's be fair, it won't be all of them for sure) will now start showing sympathy for Mark Folley in a pathetic effort to maintain their control of congress?

If Folley's abuse story is true he deserves our sympathy. But it's no excuse. And whether or not he was abused has no bearing on whether or not congressional republicans ignored or possibly even covered up the issue for a year.

Mom says it's not about governing or what's right. It's all about power. I'm not quite as cynical as her, but in this case I think she's right.


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