Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'm watching Current right now. They are among the coolest things on TV. Right nwo they are shwoing a pod on Iraq that includes a DVD of the plotting and execution of a car bomb. It is a chilling piece of propoganda, showing the determination and sophistication of Jihadists. It is also a brilliant use of technology to further the terrorists cause.

As we discussed in class the other day terrorisim is a form of communication. It has a message (definace, resistance, hatred) a medium (the victim) and a receiver (the public). It's purpose is to frighten the enemy into capitulation. But it is also used to inspire those sympathetic to the terrorists. Al Queda was already sophisticated in its use of press releases and video tapes messages. But this is even more. This is a viral internet marketting bonanza. These videos are sold on websites. They spread the terrorists message while at the same time making money to further their cause. It is pure market branding.

And it is very scary.


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