Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Paul Ryan Express

A few thoughts:

Paul Ryan is the best possible choice for Mitt Romney's running mate. He is a strong conservative, he has a clear vision for both the economy and government, he is consistent, and he offers a clear contrast to President Obama--all things that Governor Romney lacks.

Speaking of Romney, there is only one reason I am glad that I went camping for two weeks and missed most of the Olympics. I don't care that Mitt Romney's wife owns a dressage horse. Owning and showing a horse in Dressage does not show that Mitt Romney is not a man of the people. Being a billionaire shows that Mitt Romney is not a man of the people. Lots of people own and show horses, even in Dressage, on middle class incomes. The horse is not the problem.

The Daily Show had the best take on the Paul Ryan choice. They ran a piece about how the Democratic talking points about Ryan (ending Medicare, anti abortion,etc.) are the same as the republican talking points. Ryan has substance, offering a clear contrast between liberal and conservative ideas on almost everything.

How gleeful are liberals over the Ryan choice? Rachel Maddow devoted her entire show to it on Monday. She hit Ryan with his own legislation: his budget bill, ending Medicare, privatizing Social Security, and his personhood bill--all wildly unpopular ideas to which he has not only spoken but signed his name--and they are also what makes him a strong choice.

During all this anti-Ryan coverage, though, I found a reason to like him. He is an elk hunter. As a hunter I always look for other hunters to vote for, I just prefer them to be liberals.


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