Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Well, it looks like the democrats are lining up for a good old ass whipping. It's like a long line of donkeys bending over on Folsom Street ready to take it.

I went to John Stewart's rally and then got into a huge argument over it with my friend Hugh on Facebook. He saw it as a clever ploy to blunt liberal losses at the polls by suing for peace. I mentioned this was out of Sun Tsu and he agreed, so I was gleeful when Stewart refernced Sun Tsu on his show last night.

Stewart's rally was actually a continuation of his normal critique of the media. His message was, basically, stop watching cable news. He presented both FOX and MSNBC as spreading fear and therefore making it harder to work out our problems. No surprise that FOX and MSNBC both hated it. Olberman went batsh*t on his twitter feed. He didn't like being lumped in with Bill O'Reily. I love MSNBC and watch it all the time, but I do so because it is stridently liberal. It is never lost on me that when Olberman criticizes O'Reily for how he uses the media as opposed to the content of what he is saying it is the pot calling the kettle black. MSNBC promotes a specific liberal agenda. They stake out a narrative that is nearly always incomplete. Olberman in particular treats the opposition as a bunch of raving idiots (the reason I prefer Maddow is that she's a thinker and, while she is a liberal, she actually discusses and debates people as opposed to just ranting about them). Olberman is the Glen Beck of the left, and he should get used to it. It's why I watch him.

But I'm writing because today is election day. Hugh and I have been having long arguments on Facebook over conservatism versus liberalism, and it has been helpful in that it has clarified much of my thinking and, sorry Hugh, strengthened my resolve. When you look at all this president and this congress has accomplished--I say for the good--it amazes me that they are in any kind of trouble. largest tax cut in history, lowered the deficit, health care reform, equal pay, veterans benefits, children's health care, and oh yeah staving off depression. The list is long and no matter how much the republicans lie about it the truth is that the country is better of with Democrats in charge.


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