Saturday, June 26, 2010

A thought

Due to the passing of my father I have been more quiet than usual on this blog. I still don't have much to say, except this:

For a long while now I've been comparing President Obama to President Carter, as someone who is very competent but who does not appear presidential enough in a crisis. Honestly, I'd rather have him at the helm right now than McCain with everything going on. Or either Bush. I've compared the oil spill to the Iran Hostage Crisis. I was interested to note that the New York Post picked up on that theme, though not in the way that I did. They see it as demonstrating the President's incompetence as the Hostage Crisis did Carters. I don't agree that Carter acted incompetently in the hostage crisis. I think he acted deliberately and thoughtfully, with the right amount of diplomacy, and that if the helicopters hadn't crashed in the desert that Regan never would have been president and we might not have this insane Conservative movement. No, as I've said before, to me the spill is like the hostage crisis because it dominates the news cycle by going on so long, and threatens to undermine anything else the president does.

But with the firing of General McChrystal, it is safe right now to compare Obama to Truman. He appeared completely Presidential in a surprising way. He exerted his authority over the military. He also deflected the news coverage away from the oil spill for awhile.

Now, perhaps he should nationalize BP and send the Navy in to stop the leak....


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