Thursday, September 02, 2010

Cali debate

I've been saying all along that Carly Fiorina can't win election during a recession. She is in a double blind. She runs as a pragmatic pro-business candidate who can bring jobs to California as a US Senator due to her strong business background. But as the head of HP she outsourced thousands of jobs to Asia and then got fired for poor stock performance, making her neither good for workers nor good at business.

No surprise then that Senator Boxer, whose name is descriptive, came at her with both fists in their only scheduled debate last night, hitting her on both jobs and her own job performance at HP. Fiorina painted Boxer as a typical job killing liberal, but Boxer had Fiorina on the ropes. Womens groups, gay rights groups, and unions should mobilize for Boxer, but with unemployment at 12% it is unlikely voters will send to Washingotn someone who sent so many of their jobs to China and India.


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