Thursday, April 22, 2010

A brief word about Football

Ben Rothlesberger will be playing for the Oakland Raiders next season. No, it's not a scoop, just a prediction, but you heard it here first. Pittsburgh has traded to get Byron Leftwich back because Rothlesberger will be sitting for six games this season (at the moment). But, really Rothlesberger is toxic. The two rings are great, but now they've got them and can move on. Rothlesberger is unlikely to reform. He might end up in jail soon for his rather neolithic way of interacting with women. Most football teams need great chemistry, they need character--especially from their quarterback. I mean, you expect this type of thing from a linebacker once in awhile, but not your general. No, the steelers are much better of without Rothlesberger at the helm. He will be traded.

Which brings us to the Raiders. The Raiders need a type of chemistry too, but theirs is more the motorcycle gang kind. They are hoodlums and always have been. Al Davis won three Superbowls using other teams castoffs and screwups. Rothlesberger, with an uncontrollable image and possible jail time, is a perfect fit for Davis' philosophy. They have the 8th pick in the first round and the 7th pick in the second, (though they might trade up), and they can probably deal those two picks to Pittsburgh and Big Ben will be heading to the Bay Area. Where he will win another Superbowl in three years, providing he stays out of jail.

Either that or the Raiders will take Tebow.


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