Monday, April 06, 2009


So if this yahoo in Pittsburgh was worried about Obama trying to take away his guns he sure approached it in a stupid way. Not only will he never own a gun again, and will probably get the death penalty, but he just gave the anti gun folks all the ammunition they need to reinstate the assault weapon’s ban. And the worst part is, Obama was going to have a hard time of it. Yes, he said he wanted to reinstate the assault weapons ban, but it is unclear if he had the support in congress to do so. A lot of those new Democrats are really NEW Democrats, from states where gun ownership is still seen as a right (Kirsten Gilliland is a special case. She is a staunch 2nd amendment supporter but she now has to win votes here in NYC, so I don’t know which way she will blow when that comes to the floor).

If he does get it passed it’s unclear whether this version of the Supreme Court will uphold it. After Heller I don’t think it would fly. But with Binghamton and Pittsburgh you can bet the gun fight is about to heat up.


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