Friday, March 27, 2009


With the losses of Duke and Memphis, two of my final four, my bracket is totally completely and forever busted. Too bad. Notre Dame over in the NIT is still making me proud.

But look at it. Right now there is a real possibility that we could have an all Big East final four. As a New Yorker I would love that! UConn, Pitt, and Louisville are all still alive as number one seeds. If they hold serve, all that has to happen is that Syracuse has to get through Oklahoma and then beat the Tar Heels (assuming they make ti past Gonzaga).

And Notre Dame is still alive in the NIT.

I know I KNOW!! I'm thinking like a fan and not a professional. Have to get hold of myself and do something sensible, like taking North Carolina over Gonzaga in spite of the 8-1/2 point spread. Or not. The zags only won their second round game by a couple of points, and the Tar Heels have been crushing people. But this is Gonzaga. They never go down without a fight.

Hell, roll the dice and take Gonzaga and the points.


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