Thursday, March 12, 2009

David wears orange

In case you missed it, the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic for the second time, knocking them out of the World Baseball Classic. The Netherlands had two MLB players on their team (one of them, true, being Sidney Ponson). DR had 32, including David Ortiz. This is as big an upset as there ever was in sports, and they did it TWICE.

By the way: may I say that Toronto was a hideously stupid place to play the first round of the classic. When you look at the video coming out of Mexico City and Puerto Rico (I haven't seen any of the Tokyo video) you see screaming crowds and waving banners. It's like a World Series or, more to the point, a World Cup. In Toronto, except for the USA vs Canada, the stands were less than half full and everybody was just sitting on their hands. Those people don't deserve baseball. Play those games in New York or Boston and you will see an absolute frenzy.

We'll get back to politics later.



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