Monday, March 09, 2009

Post Time

It is early 2009. The jockeying for position on the 2012 republican primary ballots has been going on since John McCain's ignominious defeat was even official. In fact, since about three weeks before the election. Bobby Jindal making trips to Iowa. Mitt Romney making speeches on the economy. Was Rush laying the groundwork for his own campaign at CPAC? Who knows. Mostly this has been like the parade of freshman boys in front of the wall flower girls at the first high school dance of the school year. there is some posing, some eye contact, a few awkward, slack-jawed stares that are supposed to pass for flirting, but the wallflowers--meaning those voters stupid enough to notice this far out from the election, are being standoffish (toward everyone except Rush that is). Nothing is official yet.

Well, almost nothing. In Connecticut, that most forward thinking of all states on Long Island Sound not called New York, the "2012 Draft Sarah" committee has become the first group in the country to register to officially raise money for the election. Sarah Palin is now an almost candidate. This has got to be some sort of record.

Starters to your gates.


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