Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm Back

It was the worst Christmas vacation ever. My grandfather died, I got salmonella poisoning, and I lost my good winter coat with my flash drive and house keys in the pocket. But I'm back. Happy New Year. I will write about politics soon. I will write about Burris and Palin and Olberman and Gupta and all of it. Later. Right now I'm going to write about football.

Tim Tebow was robbed. If indeed the Heisman trophy is supposed to go to the best college football player in the land then Time Tebow was robbed, and the truth was exposed for all to see in the so called national championship game (I say so called not because I support a playoff, which I don't, but because I don't care that much whether or not Florida beats Oklahoma: the Pac 10 went 5 and 0 and won the Rose Bowl. That's all that matters, really.).

The Fed Ex National Championship Game wasnt' the most exciting game this post season, but it was pretty good. The goal line stands that Florida made in the first half were the best football all season long. Both teams looked great at times. Both defenses really stepped up. But it was Tebow that was amazing. He was clearly the best player on the field, the best player in the country. Run, throw, and hit: he did it all in a totally dominating style.

Football is our national religion. I may be a baseball fan, but I recognize the truth that we are a footbal nation. Our autumn revolves around its rituals. It's big games are our mythic battles, our Troy, our Thermopylae, our Hastings and Agincourt. Tim Tebow is our Hector, Sam Bradford our Achilles.

Tebow, the perfect player. He is great on the field and almost superhuman off of it, with his missionary work and feeding the hungry. If he keeps on this trajectory he will be president one day.

Now can we please get on with the playoffs?


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