Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It is here, and earlier than expected

It is the most depressing, infuriating thing I've read today, and today is has not been encouraging. And in my home town, no less.

My home town of Sacramento California is about to establish an honest to god official Shanty Town, following on the heels of my dad's home town of Portland Oregon. A lawsuit filed in Sacramento is seeking to have the City's policy of rousting campers and issuing them citations declared illegal and force them to set up official campsites or "dignity villages" as they are called in Portland, so that homeless people will have a place to stay. Everybody, including City Hall and the police, seem to be climbing on board.

Depressing. As in depression. Let's hope that Time cover superimposing Obama's face onto a picture of FDR was more than just hype.


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