Friday, December 19, 2008

Just leave those rednecks alone

Bill Maher will have a field day with this one. So will John Stewart. Levi Johnston's mother Sherri, the future mother in law of Bristol Palin, was busted this week on drug charges: something called "misconduct involving a controlled substance." There will be lots of meth-head jokes (I hope it's actually grass, since Maher famously smokes himself). This is a woman three removes from Governor Palin, yet it will allow them to drag up the whole bag of jokes once again.

And I will laugh. They are funny. And I am certainly those "liberal media elites." And I know that all comedy comes at somebody's expense, that it is always offensive and cruel.

But please, can't we leave these rednecks in peace. The news just keeps showing how typical, normal (real) the extended Palin family is: so given that, is it really news? Every time Real Time or SNL or the Daily Show goes off on Sarah and Alaska they perpetuate the myth that those of us in the Media or those of us who live in NYC are a bunch of elitist snobs who like to mock and ridicule ordinary Americans. (Bill Maher likes to throw his hands up and say "what's wrong with being elite?" Nothing, Bill, but there is a difference between being elite and being elitist. Of course in your case the accusations are very true anyway).

I know, I know, this urban/rural conflict goes back at least to Ancient Greece, and we aren't going to end it now. But please, give it a rest!


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