Friday, December 19, 2008

Bowl Season

I know this is apolitical blog, but it wasn't always so. Once upon a time I wrote about football here, among other things. I’m on record as saying that I don’t care about the national championship, that I’m opposed to a playoff, and that I love the bowl system. Oh yeah: that that the only game that really matters is the Rose Bowl. Unfortunately, after the Rose Bowl, the two games I most want to see are on nights that I’m busy: the 27th (when I’m flying), when Cal takes on Miami, and New Years Eve, when the two non-Pac-Ten teams Im most interested in, LSU and Georgia Tech, actually play each other. But all that being said, there are thirty-four bowl games starting tomorrow night. That means that 17 teams will end their season with a win.

So here’s my take:

Eagle Bank Bowl, Dec. 20, Wake Forest vs. Navy: NAVY
New Mexico Bowl, Dec. 20, Colorado St. vs. Fresno St.: FRESNO STATE
St. Petersburg Bowl, Dec. 20, South Florida vs. Memphis: MEMPHIS
Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl, Dec. 20, BYU vs. Arizona: BYU
R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, Dec. 21, Troy vs. Southern Miss: SOUTHERN MISS
Poinsettia Bowl, Dec. 23, TCU vs. Boise State: TCU
Hawaii Bowl, Dec. 24, Hawaii vs Notre Dame: HAWAII
Motor City Bowl, Dec. 26, Central Mich. vs. Florida Atlantic: FLORIDA ATLANTIC
Meineke Car Care Bowl, Dec. 27, North Carolina vs. West Virginia: WEST VIRGINIA
Champs Sports Bowl, Dec 27, Florida State vs. Wisconsin: FLA ST.
Emerald Bowl, Dec 27, Cal vs. Miami: CAL
Independence Bowl, Dec 28, Louisiana Tech vs. Northern Ill: LA TECH bowl, Dec 29, Rutgers vs. NC State: RUTGERS
Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29, Northwestern vs. Missouri: MO
Humanitarian Bowl, Dec 30, Maryland vs. Virginia: MD
Texas Bowl, Dec 30, Rice vs. Western Michigan: RICE
Holiday, Dec 30, Oregon vs. Oklahoma St.: OK ST
Armed Forces Bowl, Dec 31, Air Force vs. Houston: HOUSTON
Brut Sun Bowl, Dec 31, Oregon St. vs. Pittsburgh: PITT
Music City Bowl, Dec 31, Vanderbilt vs. Boston College: BC
Insight Bowl, Dec 31, Kansas vs. Minnesota: MN
Chik-fil-A Bowl, Dec 31: LSU vs. Georgia Tech: GA TECH
Outback Bowl, Jan 1, Iowa vs. South Carolina: IOWA
Capital One Bowl, Jan 1, Georgia vs. Michigan State: GA
Gator Bowl, Jan 1, Nebraska vs. Clemson: CLEMSON
Rose Bowl, Jan 1: Penn State vs. USC: USC
Orange Bowl, Jan 1, Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati: VA TECH
Cotton Bowl, Jan 2, Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss: Texas Tech
Liberty Bowl, Jan 2, East Carolina vs Kentucky: KENTUCK
Sugar Bowl, Jan 2, Utah vs. Alabama: AL
International Bowl, Jan 3, Connecticut vs. Buffalo: CT
Fiesta Bowl, Jan 5, Texas vs. Ohio State: TX
GMAC Bowl, Tulsa vs. Bal State: BALL ST.
BCS Championship, Oklahoma vs. Florida: OK


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did this last year, too. What was your percentage then? And will you own up this year?

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Lori said...

Hah! University of Arizona beat BYU to win their first bowl game in 10 years! I'm not a big football fan ... but it was sure a big deal here in Tucson.
Happy Holidays!

9:15 AM  

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