Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is going to be fun!

Oh! To be in Kentucky!

The Blue Grass State just got a lot more interesting as Sonny Landham has thrown his hat into the U.S. Senate race, running as a Libertarian. Pundits and pollsters don't give him a snowball's chance in hell to win the election, but all agree that it is going to be a fun race.

Landham, in case you don't know him, is a former Hollywood actor who played tough Indian rolls. He's one of my favorite one-note actors. He played a tough Indian named Billy in *48 Hours* and a tough Indian named Billy in *Predator* (sensing a pattern?). Predator also costarred Governor Schwartgzeneger of California and Governor Ventura of Minnesota. WHo would have thought it would be so politically seminal? I can't wait for Carl Weathers to run for mayor of LA. I'm totally hoping he can at least get Jesse to campaign for him (Arnold won't break ranks). The two years he spent in Federal Prison and his brief stint as a porn actor will definitely spice the campaign up, but so will his calling his opponent "Boss Hogg" and saying things like "(George Bush) took us to war on lies to put big oil back in Iraq."

In bible-belt Kentucky none of this is supposed to play. At best he's seen as a spoiler who can tilt the senate race toward the democratic candidate. But I don't know. In this year of anti-establishment frenzy, who better to catch the imagination of a disgruntled electorate than a guy who fought aliens with Arnold and Jesse the Body? His shoot from the hip style will earn him press and votes. He's anti-abortion so he passes the main conservative litmus test in KY. I think he's got a real chance. And wouldn't *that* be blast to see! Every time he takes the floor for a speech CSPAN could cut to that great scene of him laughing as he cuts lines in his chest, just before he takes on the Predator.


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