Friday, September 07, 2007

Hsu caught in Colorado

My mom says that her first reaction to the news of Hsu's was the same as mine: "Oh boy! It's Vince Foster all over again." She never assigned any sinister motives to Karl Rove (Mom: How can you be living int he same country as the rest of us?) so that never occured to her.

Now that Hsu has been caught I noticed two things in the chronicle article covering his bust: first, in the 90s, he was kidnapped by one of the San Frncisco tong and held for repayment of a debt he owed them. Admittedly, that's kind of cool, and gives him a bit of action movie street cred he didn't have before. The other thing is that he gave $750 to Gavin Newsome's mayoral campaign. This is a guy who gave thousands to other democrats in New York, Pennsylvania and California. He gave $50,000 to the New York State democratic party. He gave $23,000 to Clinton and $62,000 to Elliot Spitzer. $750??? At first that seemed like spitting in Newsome's face and smiling about it. To me it says "Gavin, Norman doens't like you very mich." In truth it's because San Francisco has some of the strictest campaing finance laws in the country: $500 per individual to any candidate per calendar year, and $3,000 total to all candidates per individual per year. Which means Gavin doesn't have to give back near as much money as Elliot does.


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